Heck Of A Sluice:

Heck of a Sluice is a prospecting tool used to separate black sand and GOLD.

You can hook it up to a12 vdc bilge pump for water recovery/recycle system or use city water via garden hose.

Heck Of A Sluice is made from extruded PVC material and is stresses relived.

The Sluice is 24" long, 4" wide with sides of about 2".

It is light weight and easy to clean up.


Heck Of A Sluice is a two (2) stage clean up Sluice.

THe first stage is where the Water enteres thru a water valve at the top end and  is dispursed over the width of the sluice via a "T".

Water than flows over the mixing area where you sprinkle in your GOLD bearing concentrates.

The second stage is where the water and con pass over the NEW KEENE molded rubber mat. 

GOLD nuggets, pickers and lickers can be removed using: Tweezers, a Squeeze Bottle or Artist Brush.


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